Like glitter-infused jelly on toast, Ottawa’s Sparklesaurus spreads their shimmering sounds. The sounds can be described as living room dream pop - pairing the emotional rawness of garage with the lush tonalities of glam, set in a low-lit, carpeted living room. Cut into triangles with the crust left on, their self-released debut EP, titled 'Perennials', delves into dark truths about humanity through plant imagery and concentric wordplay - with an undercurrent of gentle optimism. These themes are set amidst a landscape of scaling synths, swirling guitar tones, colourful harmonies, and a stoney, muscular rhythm section.

After attending a Sparklesaurus show, Ottawa Beat wrote, "It's young, vibrant, and self-aware, while simultaneously unaware of its magical hold on its audience... Ultimately, the magic of Sparklesaurus lies in their ability to make music for dreamers and make-believers...for sentimental, misty-eyed folks wearing nostalgia goggles.” Sparklesaurus is a band for everyone – especially the folks who don’t fit in, are marginalized, and have soft hearts. Their music is aimed at inspiring the unity of all people, transcending and breaking down the barriers that divide us.

Band Members
Felicity DeCarle - guitar, vocals
Colleen Jones - bass, bg vocals
Shamisa Schroeder - keyboard/synth, bg vocals
Brad Lapensee - drums, bg vocals

Living room dreampop [nu-gaze, psych-surf fusion, synth grunge, lo-fi, glitterwave]